We have a second BACKUP on our servers with a scheduled diary download with a 15 days history. If you don´t UPLOAD new information on longer than 15 days periods, the backup keeps at least 1 last copy.

Being this system completely offline you won´t be needing to hire bulky security companies to carry your data to their vaults. This companies have big operative budgets and your information passes through many human hands and are subject to their office hours and geographic locations.
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The most important asset on any organization or even person is the information.
In all activities and processes thera are large packages of information that covers form worksheets to text files and databases containing telephone directories, accounts or productive process information.

This is why PYMEIL.COM prepared the BACKUP ON-LINE service.
BACKUP ON-LINE lets you to backup or restore your information from anywhere on the world and anytime you wish with all the required security.
Because of the high security levels, we eliminate most posibilities of information destruction or non-permited recovery.

On BACKUP ON-LINE only computers manipulate your information.

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